Why You Should Setup and Run Your Own Article Directory Site

Thousands of savvy marketers are creating and submitting their articles to article directories. These marketers understand the importance and effectiveness of article writing for their business needs. In turn, they are constantly looking for new directories to submit their articles in order to increase their visibility. There are literally hundreds of eBooks, software and courses totally devoted to harnessing the power of article marketing.
With more and more marketers realizing the value of article submission, many marketing sites offer information on article directories that are available for their needs. Surprisingly, the number of article directory sites is quite limited and not meeting the supply and demand. This is the ideal time for innovated people to set up and run new article directory sites!

How Can This Benefit You:

Let’s take a look at the many advantages of setting up and running article directory sites.

Number one, thousands of prominent site owners are constantly on the lookout for valuable content for their sites. There are also thousands of authors, resellers and affiliate marketers looking for sites to submit their articles to. Again, supply and demand is not being met and these people are desperate for more sites to become available.

As contributers need to register to these sites, you will capture prospects as leads for your list building.

Your directory site can offer AdSense and other affiliate niches, giving you a very nice residual income.

You can offer highly sought after, extremely popular affiliate products that will increase your commissions ten-fold. If you have your own product, get it on your directory and promote to those visitors you know will be interested in that product. What you are doing is creating a site that is a specific and highly targeted niche.

Create Directories and Sell Them:

You could also start your own business creating and selling article directory sites for others. Installing the correct script is quite simple to do and can bring in hundreds of dollars when sold to small businesses or entrepreneurs looking for ownership of these directories.

If you believe creating and setting up these sites takes programmer or technical skills, you will be pleasantly surprised. Using point and click software will get your directories up and running in just a few minutes.

The Art of Marketing Article Directories:

Because article directories are in high demand, it’s not particularly difficult to get your sites noticed on the internet. Here are a few ways to advertise or announce your directories to the internet world:

Get involved with forums that cater to article writers and site owners looking for content. You can leave your site’s details in your signature. This is a great way to get valuable exposure for your sites as well as your main business.

Follow or become friends with influential people of similar niches on social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Let them know you have a new article directory that will help them in their business needs.

Definitely find article directory sites and submit your site to a specific niche. These sites will give you excellent exposure to thousands of people searching for a specific directory.

Use your own sites, such as blogs, forums, etc, to grow traffic to your new directory.

Building your reputation and successful business takes propagating relationships online. Get together with a few JV partners that you have a great relationship with and ask them to post a few articles to get your directory active.

In A Nutshell:

Marketers know the value of article directory sites and this will not be fading out anytime soon. They know using contents of articles to populate websites is crucial in growing their business needs.

As this is such a powerful platform, savvy marketers are looking to article directory ownership as a powerful marketing gem. Because this is catching on like wildfire, it is really important to jump on the bandwagon now, before everyone else discovers what an incredible gold mine this is.