5 Key Aspects to Know About a Self-Storage Facility!

Many people are not well aware of what self-storage facilities are and how self-storage in India has evolved and emerged as an important aspect of the logistics and supply chain sector. But we shall start from scratch and try to get the know-how of what storage facilities are for and how by keeping in mind 5 important aspects, you can pick a suitable self-storage unit for your personal or commercial requisites.
Self-storage in simple terms describes a safer place where you can stow away your goods and possessions for the duration that you want and retrieve them back at your place when you have made the space for them in your house or business. A storage unit helps you cater to the mounting problem of space crunch and facilitates you to make the most of your space during the challenging times of life – like during house renovation, office shifting, when you are dealing with storage hassle for your equipment and machinery, vehicle, instruments, etc.

There is a reason why self-storage is a popular alternative today – it comes with tons of flexible options that ensure the complete safety of your goods without any hassle. Moreover, they are affordable and ideal for keeping the smallest of articles to even the largest of stuff. You can access them at any point, get them at your place whenever you need them, and steer clear of any kind of hassle.

• Assess your Belongings and Choose a Suitable Unit Size: Everything begins with evaluating the number of belongings that you have in your place. Although the professionals from the storage company do the final assessment and guide you with the right kind of storage unit to choose, you should still run a detailed valuation of your stuff so you can have an idea of the kind of storage unit to go for and the approximate size they would eventually round up into. You can get a fair insight into the storage sizes available with the company by visiting their website. Collect all the useful information related to storage, types of storage, their functionality, etc., and prepare an inventory with your storage items, discuss with the units to choose a suitable unit.

• Inspect the storage unit and understand payment terms: Do not take any decision hastily especially when you are considering and evaluating storage for your requirement. If possible, pick up a day when you can go and personally visit the storage facility to see how they operate and simply how the company manages inventory. Know about the essential storage features from the supervisor present on the unit so you can get a detailed insight into everything you need to know about storage, storage rental, additional rates, etc. Make sure you inquire from them about the special care and support they provide to the high-value, specialty items or the big and bulky goods from home and office. Do not acknowledge the contract straight away. Compare the rates from the different storage service companies, take your time, and then make a choice.

• Pay the best price for the best suitable storage unit: If you have a lot of items that you want to move into the storage unit, you must measure your goods properly using a measuring tape or let the one inspecting your items do it the right way. Experts have their procedures that can seamlessly calculate the dimension of your storage boxes and the best part is all of this takes place right there in front of you, at your place so if you have any inquiries or confusion about anything, you can put them up to them straight away. What is ideal is to reserve the right size of storage unit (one that evenly holds all your stuff) and there is no space wastage. Another great way to get the assessment done easily is by referring to the dimension chart and reference storage unit sizes (which are usually given on the website as small size, medium size, and large size) so you can decide which one would be the right choice.

• Take care of some storage unit tips and guidelines: Since the size of the storage unit you will choose will directly depend on the amount of stuff you have (i.e. the inventory), make sure you prepare the list of items carefully and correctly. Do know that not every article is suitable to be sent for storage, so it is primal that you either research online about the permissible items or ask the team handling your storage task. You need not worry a lot because you shall anyway be provided with a storage guideline document that you would need to follow when you pack your stuff for storage. You can also seek help from online resources like blogs and manuals on storage and packing guidelines, etc. Since storage items are usually retained for an extended period, their safety and well-being should be prioritized. You must see if your items are being taken care of well.

• Essential features to look for in a secure-storage unit: The type of belongings you decide to store within the storage unit would determine the kind of storage facility you would need to rent. When you are about to decide upon what type of unit to go for, here are a few factors to consider – whether the unit offers only self-storage and not climate-controlled storage, whether the storage facility is within easy access from your location. Know the visiting hours of the storage unit, and if or not it is open on weekends and public holidays. Ask if you need to get in touch with the supervisor or authority of the storage unit before visiting the facility or you can stop at it whenever you feel the need, etc. Lastly, see if the self-storage offers a lock and key system, has CCTV monitoring active in place, ensures optimum safety of belongings during the retained period, etc. You can get a fair idea of a particular storage unit chosen from the online customer testimonials on the same.